Kim Ki-dukSeo Yun-sung The test triggers an earthquake that shifts the epicenter to the heart of Korea. “Yongary” is everything that was great about MST3K’s treatment of the Sandy Frank films and it’s the best episode of the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to date.

1110 - Wizards of the Lost Kingdom, Earthquakes in central Korea turn out to be the work of Yongary, a prehistoric gasoline-eating reptile that soon goes on a rampage through Seoul.[1]. To Icho’s amusement, Yongary then begins dancing but then returns to his rampage. While South Korea is being evacuated, the military is dispatched to the Inwang area to attack Yongary but with no success. Segment Five: Jonah and the Bots sing Push Past the Hurting (When a Movie Hurts Too Much) to cope with Yongary's graphic death scene, and it moves the Mads so much that they consider giving up their evil ways... briefly.

Icho manages to escape through the city’s sewers and reaches an oil refinery where he finds Yongary drinking oil and gasoline.

Jonah and the bots dive into a South Korean monster film that's long on rampages and short on sensible behavior.

The photographer manages to reach the authorities and deliver the photographs of the creature before succumbing to his injuries. The authorities initially withhold this information from the public until they’re sure the quake strikes but once the earthquake reaches the Hwanghae province, the authorities impose martial law for the area. Get this MST3K Episode! This is one of my favorite episodes of the new seasons of MST3K, if not my ultimate favorite of The Return or The Gauntlet and it is also among the higher rated episodes in The Return, for good reason.

In the end, Icho opines that Yongary was not evil by nature but rather, simply looking for food. You can help MST3K by adding information to it. Yongary Fans should check it out and although I usually recommend starting with a classic episode to introduce newbies, this episode would be an okay place to start as well.

Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. $7.97. What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast.

Yongary was apparently created as an answer to Godzilla, and it has unconvincing effects and a very rubbery looking monster, etc. 1108 - The Loves of Hercules The quake strikes Panmunjom, where a photographer takes pictures of the ground splitting, which reveals a giant creature moving inside. Icho then returns to Il-Woo's house to tell him what happened at the refinery. Crow T. Robot performed by Josh Weinstein.K02 - Revenge of the Mysterons from MarsCrow performed by Trace Beaulieu. 0 of 0 people found this review helpful. Film Watched: Yongary: Monster from the Deep. Kingachrome Color Add to Cart Set in the not-too-distant future, a Gizmonic Institute employee is lured to the dark side of the moon by third-generation mad scientist Kinga Forrester and her flunky, Max. Icho turns off the main valve which causes Yongary to go berserk and destroy a tank that triggers a chemical reaction that makes Yongary itch and scratch. For the episode, see MST3K 1109 - Yongary - Monster from the Deep. His girlfriend, Soona, opposes this but he goes anyway.

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